Global presence

Enzymotec is a leading global supplier of specialty lipid-based products and solutions. We develop and manufacture nutritional ingredients addressing the entire human life cycle, from infancy to old age.


Nutrition division

EnzyPS™ – phospholipid-based bioactive ingredients for nutritional supplements and functional food. PS was demonstrated to improve brain health, providing benefits for memory, learning abilities and concentration.

K•REAL® is a leading krill oil brand, offering customers around the world superior quality krill oil for over a decade. K•REAL® is a family of products which are manufactured through advanced Multi Stage Oil-extraction (MSO® 2.0) technology developed by Enzymotec.


Why us

Enzymotec’s Edge

  • Leader in lipid technologies
  • Proprietary, scalable technology platform and clinical research capabilities, integrated across market segments
  • Covering the entire health spectrum
  • Uniquely addressing the entire human life cycle, from infancy to old age
  • Fully integrated from research through manufacturing, to marketing and sales
  • Experienced leadership team and advisory boards

Global Presence